Parts and manuals for Hesco and C-TEK mobile power units, including:

    • C-TEK Model 2300 * C-TEK Model 2348
    • C-TEK Model 4800 * Hesco and C-TEK 1500
    • Hesco and C-TEK 1550 * Hesco Model 9600
    • Email: parts@fiberoptictrailers.com

    A variety of machine shop and metal fabrication services.

    • * Emergency service repair and replacement parts for production lines
    • * Welding - steel, aluminum and stainless
    • * Gas and plasma computerized cutting
    • * Pattern and mold fabrication
    • * Custom fabrication and assembly
    • * Sheet metal equipment
    • * Engineering and CAD
    • * In-stock inventory


Manufacturer of Urethane Dunnage

The polyurethane Dunnage produced by Centralia Machine and Fab, Inc. is widely used in returnable shipping racks by automotive and over the road truck parts production facilities. Typical applications include radiators, doors, hoods, windshield frames, fenders, bumpers, brake hubs, etc. Shipping in a securely protected environment greatly reduces damage and maximizes available shipping space. The durability of urethane dunnage in all types of weather makes it an excellent choice, with reusable racks over ten years old still in use today.

  • * Engineering of dunnage design
  • * Pattern and mold production
  • * Steel and aluminum inserts and bars
  • * Dunnage production
  • * Bolt On, Weld On, Flipper Applications